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The rule-based Toronto FC Aggregator home page provides an easy-to-digest snapshot of the current Toronto FC news and top stories by filtering some content — on the home page only — to encourage a variety of topics, sources and source-types, and to limit (to some extent) redundency.

There are 3 main top-level ways to view content


The Toronto FC Aggregator home page uses a rule-based system not to choose content, but rather to limit some content to provide a more concise, representative list of current Toronto FC news.

You can learn more about the home page algorithm in our Help article Home Page & Rule-Based Curation.


Lists all Toronto FC content in a reverse-chronological order of all by date/time published. This list has more redundancy, and paywall content, but is a great way to see all the content in the order it was published.

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Lists all Toronto FC content in the order in which they were found and added to Toronto FC Aggregator. This is the best way to never miss a thing!